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Strain : HYBRID
Volume / Weight : 14 grams ( 1/2 oz )

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Sweet and Fruity Tangerine Strain to Keep You Pumped

If you’re a fan of citrus and appreciate good cannabis, then Tangerine will be something you’ll surely enjoy. This Tangerine strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that unlocks different levels of calm and soothing. It’s named after its sweet and fruity aroma and reminds you of biting into a fresh citrus fruit. Tangerine strain is potent and pleasant and offers a feeling of euphoria, motivation, and unlimited energy. The best part is that it’ll leave you with a sweet tropical mango aftertaste.

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Tangerine strain will be perfect for days that anxiety kicks on or when you aren’t just feeling yourself. The sweet scent will linger around the room, pumping up your energy and motivation levels to the roof.

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