Fresh CBD Flowers and Strains

Are you struggling to find strains that are low on THC but high on CBD goodness? Green Magics has just the right range of products for you!
Our new range of fresh CBD flowers and strains is here to tend to all your medicinal and therapeutic needs. With a high percentage of CBD and little to no presence of nicotine, our fresh CBD flowers are as good as they can get!

We only select the best fresh CBD flower strains that feature less than 0.3% of THC to ensure that the entourage effect takes full effect and maximizes the flowers’ potency. We offer fresh CBD flower strains that are fast-acting and kick into the system within just a few seconds!

At Green Magics, our fresh CBD flowers can lull you to sleep, increase your appetite, regulate your mood, or even give you that instant burst of daytime energy!

Feel like having a smoke? Roll up our fresh CBD flowers and smoke’em up! Need to opt for a cleaner consumption route? Vape it, or you can eat it just like that!

Our fresh CBD flower strains feature exotic aromas and funky tastes. Whether you want to enjoy a sweet-smelling smoke or want to get a kick of citrus energy, our online store has a lot to offer.

Browse through our vast collection of fresh CBD flowers and strains, and we guarantee that your package will arrive at your doorstep within just a few days!