Fresh Cannabis

Cannabis may just technically be a plant, but it’s also the new ‘superfood’!
Fresh cannabis is being hailed as a nutrient-dense food on the planet. While fresh cannabis might not have high THC or CBD levels as cured or dried cannabis, it’s rich in cannabinoid acids.

These acids are the pre-cursors to THC and CBD and work as antioxidants to target critical bodily functions.

Feeling nauseous? Pop some fresh cannabis!

Inflammation taking a toll on your immune system? Fight it off with fresh green cannabis!

After all, cannabis is a plant, which makes it uber-great for the body! If you don’t plan to smoke it, you can always put it in your smoothies, dress it up as a salad, and slather it with sauces and dips!

Whether you want to indulge in some cannabis to reach that high or need to use it for its miraculous medicinal properties, choosing fresh cannabis is the right choice!

At Green Magics, our online CBD store provides only the freshest and premium quality cannabis for our customers. When you buy from us, we ensure that your purchase is kept private and your package arrives in the most confidential way!

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