Edmonton, Alberta

Whether you’re entirely new to the concept of CBD oil or a veteran looking to try again, you can find an assortment of CBD products in Edmonton with Green Magics. We offer the best cannabis products and CBD vape pens in Edmonton. If you’re not entirely informed about CBD and what it does to the body, here’s why you should know and care about the substance:

Why You Should Care About CBD

CBD refers to Cannabidiol (CBD), a substance that’s abundantly found in Cannabis plants. Despite past controversy and stigma regarding Cannabis and Marijuana, the open mindedness around CBD and CBD oil in particular has opened doors towards understanding its capabilities.

It’s understood that CBD oil and CBD products contain very little THC, which is the compound that leads to the high effect found in cannabis. Instead, it produces a relaxing state. One of the best effects of CBD oil is the production of serotonin, which helps produce feelings of happiness and relaxation. It has also been incorporated in some mainstream medicine because of its effectiveness for pain relief.

People with anxiety commonly use it to alleviate their tension. While there’s still research going on in this sector, CBD oil shows great promise for helping with seizures.

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