Are CBD Concentrates Better?
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Are CBD Concentrates Better?

With a wide range of cannabinoid products present in the market, it often gets difficult to know which one is the best option for you. From CBD concentrates to fresh cannabis, there’s so much for you to choose from.

One of the more popular CBD products is CBD concentrate, as it’s a purified version containing mainly CBD. People prefer using this as it doesn’t contain other chemicals in the mix. But is it better than other CBD products?

This blog discusses CBD concentrates, what it is, its different types, and whether it’s a better CBD product out of all options.

What is CBD Concentrate?

CBD concentrate is another broad category that comes under cannabinoid products. These are all created by extracting CBD from the hemp plant, resulting in a high percentage of CBD in the products.

Chlorophyll, wax, and cellulose from the hemp plant are filtered out, leaving behind only CBD for users to consume. After the filtering, the CBD undergoes different procedures that result in the creation of different types of CBD concentrates.

Types of CBD Concentrate

Some of the more popularly used CBD concentrates include:

Crystal/ Powder

Crystal or powder form of CBD concentrate contains only CBD compounds that can easily be used for cooking purposes. These are commonly used in Canada and are readily available at online CBD stores.


Shatter is another popular form of CBD concentrate that looks quite similar to hard toffee. You need to break it and heat it on a nail or hot plate to produce vapour. Once the vapour is ready, you can inhale it for the effects.


CBD wax has a darker and oilier texture that is normally used for dabbing or in vape pens. This form of CBD product is easy to use and is also readily available in CBD stores across Canada.

What are the Effects of CBD Concentrate?

CBD concentrates have a different effect than the CBD flowers that you might have consumed. They’re more effective at ensuring that you feel at ease and have an immediate effect on your mood.

CBD concentrates are some of the best ways that you can enhance your mental well-being by keeping anxiety levels low as they offer mental clarity to users. But that’s not all, you can use these anywhere without having to worry about giving off a bad aura to others. They’re socially acceptable and ensure that you feel calm as soon as you consume them.

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