What Makes Shatter Better Than the Flower? We Find Out!
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What Makes Shatter Better Than the Flower? We Find Out!

Are you still stuck up in the shatter vs. flower debate? While shatter concentrates might intimidate Cannabis novices and veterans, they can actually make for a more fun and fulfilling high.

While all cannabis connoisseurs are familiar with green-looking cannabis flowers, identifying shatter can be a bit confusing. Shatter can come as concentrates, oils, tinctures, rosin, wax, and even honey oil.

Unbeatable Shatter Potency

While concentrates are more costly, their high potency makes up for the high cost.

Concentrates are refined in a way that increases their potency and enhances your high. Flowers and buds usually give 10-25% THC levels at max. Meanwhile, concentrates can deliver extremely high THC levels that can go up to 90%!

With such high potency, you only need to dab a small number of concentrates or shatter.

Stripped off Plant Parts

While there’s nothing wrong with taking the old-school route and consuming fresh CBD flowers, the plant matter might lessen your high experience.

During growth, cannabis plants might get sprayed with pesticides and even chemical solvents. This can take a toll on your health. Moreover, flowers can leave black tar on smoking pipes and even get into your lungs.

On the other hand, you can heat shatter below the level of combustion and ensure a clean vaping session. This simple difference can have a massive impact on the quality of your smoking or vaping session.

One Shatter Concentrate; various ways to enjoy it

Nothing beats joint-rolling!

However, with time, joint rolling and vaporizing can become a monotonous practice. With shatter and concentrates, you get the feasibility of ingesting, inhaling, and even dabbing.

Some of these methods are entirely smoke-free and offer a safe alternative for patients. Patients looking to relieve pain and anxiety can simply ingest hash and CBD oils.

CBD oil can be used to relieve pain and anxiety

You can also try using a tincture, drop it under the tongue, and wait a few minutes for it to do its magic. However, if you want to achieve your high through inhalation, dabbing is the right practice for you!

A Variety of Flavors

While CBD flower lovers might argue that flowers retain more flavor and aroma, you can always prove them wrong!

Concentrates or shatters can lose flavor during the refinement process. However, most manufacturers reintroduce the taste through terpenes. These naturally occurring compounds offer a punch of potent flavor and aroma and improve the shatter experience.

The result is clean and crisp potent flavors available in a concentrated form!

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