What is Shatter and How To Use It?
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What is Shatter and How To Use It?

Shatter is a kind of cannabis concentrate and is made of brittle, glass-like consistency. Manufactured by a mixture of cannabis herb matter and diluters, the outward form of shatter depends on the level of cannabinoids present. For example, shatter that’s high in THC is oilier, whereas shatter that’s high in THCA is more brittle. Read to learn all about shatter.

What Is CBD Shatter?

CBD shatter is made up of low THC, and is marketed towards individuals who use CBD for its medicinal and therapeutic effects. Using heat and compression, cannabinoids are extracted from the cannabis plant, and unwanted compounds are removed during the shatter purge. Known as winterization, this occurs two to three times at very low temperatures. Ethanol and alcohol are poured in the extract, and the mixture is then placed in a freezer. The mixture is run through a filter, and then cooked to get rid of the ethanol.


How to Use Shatter?

The concentrate is vaporized or dabbed by consumers through a vape pen or a water pipe also known as a dab rig. A smoke-free way to consume CBD, inhalation works much faster than ingestion.

Shatter can be consumed through dabbing which uses a water pipe that is heated at a high temperature. The dab rig has a flat bowl and a nail which is designed to bear high temperatures, which in turn vaporizes the shatter.

Some vape pens are exclusively designed to be used with shatter, and they contain an atomizer that heats up, vaporizing the shatter. The atomizer heats up the shatter extract that’s been added to the vape juice, and all you need to do is inhale the smoke, like you would normally.

Safety Tips

If you want to use shatter, here are some general tips that you should follow:

  • Though it may be tempting, don’t try to make shatter at home
  • Only buy shatter from reliable and trusted dispensaries
  • Know the strain of the shatter that you’re consuming
  • Don’t eat shatter since it requires decarboxylation. Its compounds are activated through heat, so eating shatter won’t give you the effect that you’re attempting to achieve.
  • Unless it’s purely CBD shatter, shatter usually contains high levels of THC. Consume with caution.

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