CBD Vape Pen Refill
    Various Flavours

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    Premium Cannabis CO2 Pure Oil Vape Pen Refill

    • Volume : 0.5 ml
    • Flavour : At your choice
    • Different Voltage Selection Vape Pen REFILL
    • Pre-filled with improved, pure & flavourful Oil
    • Strain : CO2 Oil, THC Distillate. Premium Cannabis Oil

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    Product Description:

    THC Cannabis Oil in Winnipeg| THC Vape Refills available in Premium Quality and 12 Unique Flavours

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x 0.5 ml Premium Cannabis Oil (Flavor of your choice)
    • Cannabis Oil Box in blue (Note: Silver case displayed in the image is not part of this package)
    • The package does not include Vape Pens. Click here to view a list of vape pens to order separately.

    Operating Instruction for Vape Pens

    Please note that these pens come with enhanced features, including improved touch sensor control and operations and adjustable voltages.

    • The vape pen can be charged with a USB cable attached to a USB power source;
    • To turn the pen on or off, you need to press the power button a total of 5 times consecutively;
    • When inhaling the Cannabis THC Oil Vape, make sure to press and hold the button;
    • Voltage setting can be adjusted by consecutively pressing the power button three times;
    • Always charge the pen fully before first use.

    Using The CBD Disposable Pens

    The prefilled CBD vape pen comes with all the health benefits that CBD offers. From combatting stress, anxiety, and pain to improving many of the health conditions, CBD is revered for a host of reasons.

    to the usually held belief, CBD is safe to consume and is, in fact, legalized for treating several of the health problems. The 100% natural CBD vape oil by GreenMagics further removes any threat to your health. The controlled dosing that a refillable vape pen offers further assures that you are not exposed to any danger in case of any hesitation or fear. The mood-lifting effects of a CBD oil vape further ensure that you have a good life and an exceptional vaping experience.

    GreenMagics offers refillable CBD cartridge for your pen so that you don’t have to purchase a new pen every time. the refilling option makes vaping an economical way to experience the health benefits of CBD.

    Voltage Settings Specifics

    Pressing the power button three times will change the voltage level indicated by LED lights in the following colours:

    • Green light indicates low voltage for Cannabis THC Oil Vape;
    • Blue light indicates mid-level voltage, ideal for a balanced hit;
    • Red light shows the highest level and creates the maximum amount of vapor.

    Flavours To Choose From:

    • THC Distillate RAW Cannabis THC Oil Vape
    • Watermelon
    • 5Alive
    • Blue Raspberry
    • Blue RAZ
    • Bubble Gum
    • CO2 Sativa
    • Cracker Jack Cannabis THC Oil Vape
    • Grape
    • King Kush
    • CO2 Hybrid
    • Strawberry

    What GreenMagic Offers

    • Reliable quality and an unmatched experience with natural flavours;
    • Some of the most refined cannabis oils like Premium CO2 Oil Vape and Cannabis oil in Winnipeg;
    • Valuable add-ons like the beautiful blue box from the package;
    • Same-day shipping (for some areas) and a maximum of three days for shipping all over Canada;
    • Easy payment options via Email

    Less costly than the rechargeable pens, the hash oil refills for your pen are perfect for both beginners and experienced. There is no need of purchasing anything extra as the disposable CBD vape pen in Canada at GreenMagics comes with all the essential parts. It is the most practical way of starting vaping as less money and effort are involved. You can even fine-tune your experience by adjusting the power settings. Customize your vaping experience with our pre-filled vape pen. Each pen has a CBD cartridge refill that you can stock on, so you don’t have to worry about sudden purchasing of extra liquid or additional items. All you have to do is vape it, enjoy it and then dispose of it! They have a 280 mAh battery for a whole day’s relaxation.

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    Cracker Jack, King Kush, Watermelon, CO2 Oil Hybrid, CO2 Oil Sativa, THC Distillate RAW, 5Alive, Blue RAZ, Blue Raspberry, Bubble Gum, Strawberry, Grape