Does CBD Promote Weight Loss Or Weight Gain?

Does CBD Promote Weight Loss Or Weight Gain?

Although cannabis is inclusive of over 400 chemical compounds, this complex plant is widely recognized for two of its cannabinoids: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Although they both raise the cannabis profile equally, THC has psychoactive properties, but its counterpart, CBD, has nonpsychoactive characteristics, which is why it’s readily adapted in the medical community.

CBD is derived from hemp and marijuana, both varieties of cannabis Sativa. Since its legalization in Canada, CBD has been taken up to treat several medical conditions. It readily produces effects by attaching itself to receptors in the human body, especially in the immune and neural systems. So how do you think CBD is likely to perform in the body mass domain?

Cannabis-infused tea for weight loss

Contrary to popular belief that cannabis extracts amplify hunger, CBD is linked to weight gain and weight loss alike due to its diverse metabolism and appetite. Putting on weight involves taking in more calories than the ones you’re burning out; it’s losing weight, which seems tedious. CBD can help modulate the functions of the endocannabinoid system, reduce inflammation and drive notable changes in metabolism.

Although we don’t suggest ditching your diet plan altogether, CBD added to your routine can amplify the results of weight loss accounting for a smaller waist circumference, lower body weight, and reduced BMI (Body Mass Index). Here are some noteworthy characteristics of enabling weight loss with CBD:

1. Fat Browning

CBD can help convert white fat (i.e., bad fat responsible for increased risk of chronic diseases) into brown fat to amplify the body’s ability to burn calories by changing how the body interacts with fat by efficiently breaking them down. Brown fat cells are more active as they stimulate thermogenesis (burning energy as heat) to burn more calories over time.

2. Builds Insulin Resistance

The pancreas secretes insulin to allow the body cells to absorb glucose into body cells as energy sources. However, an unprecedented rise in blood sugar levels may be resisted by the body cells as an indication of being unable to withstand glucose. CBD and THC can enhance the cell’s ability to absorb glucose better than prescribed pharmaceutical drugs such as metformin.

3. Eliminates the Risk of Metabolic Disorders

High cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and other metabolic disorders may be triggered as the body’s response to obesity due to the over activation of CB receptors. CBD can help block CB1 receptors that overstimulate the fat tissue contributing to metabolic symptoms.

4. Restores Liver Damage

The liver is a vital organ responsible for the conversion of energy resources in the body. Obesity and diabetes are heavily linked to damaging liver cells, as it overburdens the liver with high sugar intake. In addition, prolonged inflammation of the liver can result in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. CBD can help reduce triglycerides in the liver, improving insulin resistance and lowering blood pressure.

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