Busting CBD Myths: No More Misconceptions!

Busting CBD Myths: No More Misconceptions!

Cannabis legalization in Canada has solidified that products containing CBD or cannabidiol aren’t going away anytime soon. Cannabidiol is a compound found in the cannabis plant that has been regulated in Canada under the Cannabis Act.

Despite the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the cannabis market recorded a 635% increase in revenue, as many people turned to cannabis for stress associated with the COVID-19 crisis. A survey also found that cannabis consumers reduced or replaced alcohol consumption with marijuana during this period.

Now, this sudden surge may also have caused CBD to draw some negativity around itself, leading to misinformation and myths. Allows to clear the air once and for all with our myth-busting fact machine:

Myth 1: Higher doses of CBD tend to work better than low doses

It’s true that CBD isolates call for higher doses in order to be more effective, but it still doesn’t translate to what is said above. A single-molecule CBD is a much better therapeutic option than CBD-rich cannabis, which of course, has a broader range of medicinal properties when compared with a CBD isolate. All in all, an excessive concentration of CBD may be less effective than a moderate dose when compared therapeutically. Still, some patients may require notably higher concentrations of CBD for satisfactory results.

CBD oil

Myth 2: CBD converts to THC in the stomach

Oral administration of CBD is very well tolerated in human beings. Extensive clinal trials have demonstrated that even when ingested in very high doses, CBD does not produce a psychoactive response. In fact, CBD can neutralize or lessen the impact of the THC high.

Myth 3: CBD is sedating

CBD isn’t intrinsically sedating; in fact, moderate doses of CBD are mildly energizing. But it’s known to help improve sleep patterns by reducing anxiety as higher doses trigger the biphasic effect that can promote sleep. In any case, it will not make the consumer lose consciousness, even when consumed on a regular basis.

Myth 4: CBD is most effective without THC

Think of CBD and THC as a power couple; they interact synergistically to further enhance the other’s therapeutic effects. Clinal research has proven that THC, when combined with CBD, is proven to be more beneficial for neuropathic pains than either of the compounds as a single molecule. CBD is not known to have any severe side effects, but it may interact adversely with any other drugs being taken simultaneously.

Myth 5: CBD is good; THC is terrible

CBD is often considered the medical part of the cannabis plant, while THC is referred to as the recreation part as it’s the ‘high causer’. But, there’s more to THC. It’s recognized as an appetite-boosted and anti-nausea compound that has minimal potential for abuse. THC is psychoactive and has some significant benefits it can bring to the table. The intoxication is a mere side effect, but don’t all medicines have side effects?

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