Nowadays, CBD products are everywhere, literally. They are no longer just being sold in limited online stores and dispensaries, but you’ll find CBD lingering in drinks, gummies, creams and balms, even pet products, and all kinds of other irresistible edibles.

While most people know that CBD products are safe and legal, there is a lot of skepticism around them. Is it marijuana? Is it like doing drugs? Are there side effects?

And while people strive to look for these answers, they overlook the actual mind-blowing benefits of CBD products. So, here are a few that’ll help you understand the hype around them:

Helps to Calm Down Your Nerves

There are several studies that show that CBD relaxes the nervous system, making one feel much calmer and more stress-free. What essentially happens is that CBD has an indirect interaction with endocannabinoid systems and affects the serotonin receptors. This results in lower anxiety levels, reduced pain, and it even treats insomnia.

Can Help with Muscle Stiffness

Besides nerves, CBD can also help relax muscles. It has anti-inflammatory properties and works superbly for muscle stiffness, which is why it’s ideal for post-workout recovery. While many people may find relief by simply applying ice to reduce pain and inflammation after exercising, certain people, especially athletes who are involved in intensive workout regimes, can benefit significantly from CBD.

It Works Well Within the Human Body

We already have an endocannabinoid system in our body, but CBD actually helps us to make the most out of it. This system is primarily responsible for maintaining equilibrium and regulating different processes that are crucial for the biochemistry of our bodies. CBD interacts with this system to alleviate its performance. This, in turn, helps the body to rejuvenate, repair, and strengthen itself.

It’s A Non-Pharmaceutical Pain Management Option


A person applying CBD oil to their hand

While CBD can help with a number of conditions related to pain and inflammation like arthritis, you can get your hands on it without a medical card. Since it’s legal in most states, you can find and purchase the highest quality CBD products in any medical dispensary without a doctor’s prescription. In short, it’s a perfect pain management option for those who’re not interested in other narcotic or pharmaceutical medication options.

Doesn’t Show Up on Drug Tests

Firstly, it won’t show up because drug tests are not likely to screen for it. What could show up on a drug test, though, is THC, but since hemp-derived CBD oil is legally required to contain no more than 0.3 percent of THC, it is not likely to show up on a drug test either. So even if you choose to use CBD oil regularly for any of its medicinal properties, you can rest assured that your drug test will come out negative.

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