3 Ways to Enhance Your Focus During Workout
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3 Ways to Enhance Your Focus During Workout

Your fitness journey takes a lot of commitment. Whether you’re training for a 10k marathon or simply working out to improve your health, it’s vital that you stay focused and motivated. Though, it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

If you find yourself slacking on focus from time to time, here are some tips you should consider trying out.

Change Your Routine

Though routines are great, your body and mind can get tired of them.

Make sure you’re mixing up your routine time and time again to provide your mind with something new to focus on. Trying out different variations of exercises or machines will stimulate your brain more, making it easier to focus. This is because you’ll be pushing both your mind and body to adjust to the new exercise, leading to higher concentration.

Interval Training

Cardio sessions can be a huge drag, making it very difficult to keep your concentration.

Instead of doing hour long cardio sessions, consider adding HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions. Involving short bursts of fast paced and highly intense exercise followed by a couple of seconds of rest, HIIT ensures you keep your focus on your movements throughout the workout. The 20–40 seconds of fast paced exercise is often so intense that it’s difficult not to keep focus, making it the perfect workout to help you regain your concentration!

Additionally, HIIT usually requires you to have a timer, meaning that it’s more likely you’ll be focusing on your workout because you’ll be needing to keep track of the time.

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Whether you’re at home or at the gym, it can be difficult to focus on working out.

CBD oil can change that. By binding to your serotonin receptors and increasing serotonin flow, CBD levels out anxiety, leading to better focus. Additionally, CBD is a mood booster, making it an excellent pre workout. You can add CBD oil to your tea, eat CBD foods like gummies, or take it directly. The former methods will take half an hour to an hour for the CBD to kick in, whereas ingesting it directly works much faster— meaning you can take it just a couple of minutes before starting your workout.

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